What a ridiculous question! It’s a simple case of genetics!

Clearly Gundalians have far better DNA than you Humans, thus giving us even the most mundane of advantages over you!

Even if I mask myself as one of you, my face still holds the upper hand in attraction.

I would have to say Mason and Ren. I’m not certain if they feel the same, but they’re entertaining to be around.

Mason keeps telling me she dislikes old people, I’m not certain why…

I myself don’t really know her very well, so I will say she is neither.

He says he didn’t do it, but I know inside him sleeps the heart of a true romantic!

(Click to see the whole image, Tumblr cut it off a bit)

Darkus seems like it might be interesting, everyone loves an excuse to masquerade after all. I made an outfit for Plitheon, but he said he didn’t like cats.

Why, I prefer the Bakewell Tart! They are absolutely divine.